1. Abstracts for the Congress shall be submitted only via the form can be found on this website. Abstracts sent via e-mail or mail will definitely not be accepted.

  2. All fields in the form should be filled in carefully. Especially, make sure that you enter your e-mail address to which your password will be sent correct. You need this password to make changes in your abstract after you submit it.

  3. Abstracts should not have been submitted to any other platform and/or published anywhere, should not have any commercial ties.

  4. Your abstract should not exceed 300 words. It is enough to copy paste your abstract which is written in MS Word with font size 11 and font type Arial

  5. Enter your abstract into the form as asked. DO NOT enter writer names and institutions into the fields where abstracts should be written

  6. The latest abstract submission date is 14 September 2018.

  7. Abstract form requires user-based registration. If you do not have an account yet, you can create a new account by filling out the form. Activation link will be sent to your e-mail address.

  8. Abstracts that will be chosen as posters, will be published as E-POSTER. Therefore, it is necessary to submit poster view to the Abstract System later on.

  9. During the submission, writers’ requests to enter the competition will be taken into account. However, abstracts with high evaluation scores will be eligible to attend the competition. Registration to the Congress of at least one of the writers of the Abstract is obligatory. It is requested not to change the writer to present the abstract, unless necessary. After submissions are closed, writer names cannot be changed.

  10. All clinical and experimental studies, human and animal research should be conducted within the ethical frame of European regulation authorities. Ethical board approval must be submitted. Scientific Committee, if deemed necessary, can ask for the copy of approval / exemption document. Meta-analysis and compilations do not require ethical committee approval. For case studies, if there is no signed consent of the patient, it is required to receive ethical committee approval. Scans of ethical board approvals of the abstracts that are accepted for competition must be submitted to the system before competition till designated date to be announced.

  11. In case of a withdrawal of a submitted abstract, writer to present should send an e-mail informing as such to TARD Secretariat (merkez@tard.org). This e-mail should consist submission number, contact info of the writer to present, reason for withdrawal, signed consent of all writers for withdrawal.

  12. For all of your questions and opinions, please contact with fatih.tepecik@majorgroup.org.



  • Those who cannot submit their abstracts till 14 September 2018, can submit between 15 September - 1 October 2018. However, late submissions will be subject to a fee of 150 TRY.