President’s Invitation
Dear Colleagues,

52. National Congress of Turkish Society of Anesthesiology and Reanimation (TARK 2018) will be held on 7-11 November 2018 in Sueno Deluxe Hotel and Calista Luxury Hotel in Antalya, Belek. First and foremost, as individuals who have absorbed the principles of the Republic, our aim is to contribute to our country and humanity, as well as to contribute to and share knowledge in our own field of speciality. However, tremendous developments in science and technology, and with the increasing pace of achieving knowledge over the last century, unfortunately, the pace of consumption of the limited resources of our old world has also increased.

Together with the search for an answer whether "Could it be possible that we can use our world heritage resources more effectively, hence plan our production in our field in the best way possible?", and the concept of "Sustainability" has been at the center of industrial societies.

This concept, which can be defined as "all processes including long-term reproduction to maintain a system itself" is increasingly supported by all institutions and organizations as a trend towards stopping consumption habits of the modern society to some extent.


“Therefore; we plan our 52th National Congress to be a platform in the field Anesthesiology and Reanimation where we will discuss the ways of "determining the measures to protect the future of nature and humanity and applying them to our own field of study" and "meeting today's needs without consuming our future". From this philosophy, our Congress theme this year will be "Sustainable Anesthesia for a more livable world". Together with you, our valuable participants, I attach importance that TARK 2018 will be a discussion platform where we can share the theme of the congress and other topics, and I hope that my colleagues will contribute to the congress.

The Turkish Anesthesiology and Reanimation family is a large family with a deep-rooted tradition. The contribution that our anesthesiology and reanimation specialists and technicians/mechanics provided to our country, working day and night, across the country, under tough circumstances is of great importance. In line with the decision of the board, I am glad to announce that the participation to TARK 2018 Congress of 50 specialists, 225 specialist student assistants and 25 anesthesia technicians/mechanics who work under tough conditions outside of training and research hospitals will be provided by financial support of our association.

I anticipate that, along with enriching our knowledge through the participation of a number of leading and respected scientists in International and National platforms to the Scientific Program, we will be pleased and refresh our energies thanks to a rich Social Program. The scientific and social program preparations of TARK 2018 are continuing meticulously, and detailed information will be published later in Congress web page.

As the members of the Anesthesiology and Reanimation family; I invite you all to Antalya between 7-11 November 2018, an environment of sharing and interaction that we all miss, in order to celebrate the "commemoration of 10th of November, Great Leader Atatürk on " and to search for ways to bring our profession to higher levels while preserving our world.


““For a more livable world….”.

Together, with Love and Respect...


Prof. Dr. Ömer Kurtipek
President of the Turkish Society of Anesthesiology and Reanimation